Lucky reels

If you love the look and feel of classic casino machines, then you’ll love Lucky Reels. It’s a re-design of the original game that features the same iconic symbols as older fruit machines but with a modern twist. The slot itself is framed in elegant purple steel, with a random set of guidelines and payouts. There’s even a progressive jackpot that increases with each spin. Despite the old-school feel of the game, Lucky Reels is still a fun way to play the classic fruit machine format.

The interface is very simple and straightforward. The buttons on the machine look like real ones, and the sound of the reels spinning is reminiscent of distant casino machines. To win the jackpot, you need to match three images in a row, and there are five paylines. The symbols on Lucky Reels are based on the classic fruit machines. These include bar symbols in single, double, and triple format, the lucky seven, and blank reel space. The blank reel space award the lowest payout.

Lucky Reels features a variety of special features. A wild symbol doubles the value of any win, while a scatter symbol is used to increase the payout by one or more symbols. The bonus symbols are used to boost the winnings from regular wins. The game also has a jackpot. If you have three of these icons on the screen, you could win up to 100,000 credits. This is a huge prize! With so many ways to win, Lucky Reels is the perfect slot game for any player to enjoy.

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